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1:1 Services vs. Group Services - What Comes First?

Let’s start with defining the two!

1:1 Services - coaching, done for you services - taking on a client individually and doing the design or work for them. Intimate - you and client alone

Group Services - course, program, mastermind, live-led course, group program. You and multiple clients in a cohort - group or course format

It’s best to start out with a 1:1 offer before you get into the Group offer realm.

Here’s why -

  • I generated a profit in my first month of business by getting 1:1 clients. Even though my offers and the way I work with the clients has shifted, I still lead with a 1:1.

  • It’s easier to get clients in a 1:1 offer than it is to fill a group course.

  • 1:1 services are less demanding than a group service. There is less content creation, a smaller number of people to communicate with, and format is less complicated in the 1:1 realm.

For group programs, technically, the bigger your reach the better it is for launching a group program.

However, my first group program was successful despite my following. My following was small - under 2,000 followers on IG and my email list was under 500 and I was 1 year into my business. I wanted 25-30 people in my program, but my numbers didn’t add up. Luckily, I had 9 women in join that first group program and that was huge, as far as statistics go. Numbers don’t have to add up, but it is important to be aware of your numbers and your expectations.

I learned so much in that first group program about launching programs, creating program content, content delivery, etc - now that program has morphed into Impactful Brand Academy. This program has launched 3 times now and my following is still low - this just goes to show that iit is possible!

I know that I wouldn’t be where I am if I hadn’t started my business with 1:1’s as my main offer. I also learned so much about my clients needs and how to fill the gaps. I still offer 1:1 services because they work!

Even though it may look like everyone else is doing group programs - I can almost promise you you won’t fill a group program if your 1:1 is not selling yet. You’ll learn how to make that group program a rockstar through what you learn from your 1:1 clients.

Start with 1:1 services in your new business and utilize those 1:1 services to find out what your clients need, then your group programs can be structured to meet those needs!


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