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10 Ways To Build Your Brand During Down Time

1. Learn Your Ideal Client Inside Out

Knowing your ideal client is hands down one of the simplest ways for you to find them, speak to them and sell to them… the bottom line is, 6-figure earners know their clients like the back of their hand.

2. Create or Elevate Your Brand Identity

If you aren’t in love with your logo and feel it doesn’t represent who you are, it’s time. Or maybe you DIY'd it months (maybe years?!) ago and you’ve evolved and grown so much since then… it’s time. And if all you don’t have a brand identity at all (GASP!), it’s time.

3. Clean Up and Update Your Website

Hey, hi, whatsup… the world is online now. Unless your site is converting like crazy, attracting your ideal clients and doing a lot of selling for you, then there is work to be done. And, if you don’t have a site at all - now more than ever this is SO IMPORTANT to create your presence online. 87% say that they judge a company/brand by what their website looks like - YIKES! Online businesses will be in major upswing over the next year, get on board! ps. check out episode #16 for in-depth tips on website do's and don'ts

4. Define What You Do & Who You Do It For

AKA: a badass mission statement that you can plug in to your IG bio and beyond…

5. Define 3-5 Brand Pillars

What is important to your brand? What can people expect from you? How do you relate to your ideal client? Brand Pillars make your life so much easier when it comes to content creation. If you have ever been the one to struggle with what to say, what to post, how to connect, how to generate engagement - start with creating brand pillars.

6. Create a Freebie & Set Up Automated Email Series

No better time to nurture your audience and grow it than right now. List build. Give away something to your audience in exchange for their contact information. Create a landing page, have a sign up and then set up an automated email series that will deliver the freebie.

7. Automate Processes that Make You Cringe

Think: on-boarding, getting testimonials, discovery call questions etc.). Whatever it is that takes up your precious time but you know with a little work could be automated, do it. Especially is you are already paying for a service, platform or program that has the capability to do this and you’re just not utilizing it.

8. Update Copy/Messaging On Your Sales Pages

To better speak to that ideal client you now know so much about! This one is a no-brainer. Your ideal client might be speaking a different language right now than they were a couple months back. Take a new look at where your ideal client is at in life, mentally and how you can best support them and fulfill their need right now. This might mean a little pivot or shift in your offer and therefore your copy/messaging might need an update as well.

9. Simplify Your Services / Offerings

A confused mind says no. Be clear, be concise and make sure your services make sense for your clients needs in this moment right now. This doesn’t mean you need to lower your pricing necessarily or offer discounts, but maybe just shifting the way in which you have your offer setup. Can you create a new payment plan that is more accessible while people are holding their money a little bit closer these days? Can you fulfill a short-term need to create a long-term relationship?

10. Bring Out More of The Real You

What is unique about you?

What differentiates you from everyone else in your industry?

I have said this many times before, but it packs more punch right now — HUMANS WANT HUMAN CONNECTION. Show up as you, be honest, be real, be flawed, be messy, be strong, be supportive, be vulnerable — be all of it.


A lot of what is shared here can be found inside of my signature branding course - Impactful Brand Academy. I deep dive into each of these topics (and more!) Throughout the 6 modules and guide you to bring out your inner expert so that you can be seen and start selling!

Let’s connect. If you want to find out more about Impactful Brand Academy or how we can work together.


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