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3 Ways to Gain More Clarity Around Your Dream Client

1. Know their No’s

In order to create offers that consistently sell out, you must first learn why your ideal client would not buy your offer.

If you’re creating a new offer for your dream clients problem, need, or gap - you need to know why they are going to say “no”. What objections are going to immediately pop up in their head?

I would say that 90% of people creating new offers do not go down the objection road. However, you cannot avoid the objections because it is essential for you to object to the objections.

  • When your dream client says “I can’t afford that,” you need to explain how they can’t afford to not buy the offer.

  • When your dream client says “I don’t have the time,” you need to create bonuses that save them time.

2. Make Sure Your Message Lands in Their Heart

This happens when you know what your ideal client is going through and when you meet them where they are at. Your message lands where it needs to land when you know what’s going on inside their head.

You must become super clear about the things that you need to know about your ideal client’s needs. For example, knowing what kind of laundry detergent your ideal client likes is not helpful if you are offering self help courses. You need to know your client’s needs in a way that makes sense for your specific offer and business and the needs that you fulfill.

Then you can write in a way that captivates your dream client and has them saying, “Wow, Jenni, can you get out of my head?!”

3. Learn How They Best Understand Information

The quickest way to gain trust is through consistency. Consistency in the way that you show up, in the way that you connect, and in the way that you communicate.

You need to make sure that the way you are connecting makes sense for your dream client. If it’s not landing right with your dream client, you’re creating the wrong audience and that audience isn’t going to buy your offers because what you’re selling isn’t for them.

That’s why it is essential to discover the ways in which your dream client learns best. Then you can communicate and connect consistently with them in a way that they will be able to completely understand and digest what you have to offer.


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