• Nikki Arensman

4 Considerations When Creating a New Offer or Service

These are the 4 top things I take into consideration when I am feeling the pull to create a new offer in my business. Most of all, I want to make sure that whatever I am doing feels aligned & true to me and supportive & transformative for my clients - that is my golden rule.

If it doesn't feel good, it falls flat. Every. Time.

1. Think About What You’re Trying To Create In The Long Run

It’s important to ask if your offers fit in the big picture for your life and business.

I don’t know about you, but I’m much more interested in something feeling good in the long term and feeding into the big picture vision that I have for my life and business rather than something that only works in this moment.

Does this offer fit in that picture or am I just trying to make a quick dollar whether it feels aligned or not? I am much more interested in long term wins than short term gains.

2. Look At The Rest of Your Offer Suite

When thinking of big ticket programs, it’s crucial to be aware of what your dream clients need to already know in order to be ready to go into that high ticket program.

Creating easy access, smaller ticket items to build your ideal client pool for your bigger ticket offers is a great strategy. When you create something to set them up to be a good fit for the higher ticket, then you are making money off of the smaller offers and creating hot leads for that big ticket offer. This creates client retention and it sets your clients up for success.

3. Listen And Respond To Your Ideal Client’s Needs

Make sure your offers are filling specific needs. Being clear about what your ideal client needs, what feels good for you, and then taking action allows you to niche in an organic way. This organic path creates trust and long term success with your ideal clients.

I want you to be more attached to the outcome of your off than you are to the offer itself. Stay curious and flexible in order to fulfill the needs of your ideal client.

4. Make Your Offer Stand Out

How is your offer different from what others are doing in your industry? Think about how to elevate the clients experience through the product itself, the process of selling, bonuses, add-ons, tackling your dream clients objections, etc.

How can your next offer be a no-brainer through the way that you are setting up the offer itself?

You can use these strategies when creating an offer and after a launch. Use this lens to change or edit your offer into something that fits the needs of your ideal client so that your offers sell out!

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