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5 Ways To Build Your Brand Right Now

1. Creating A Cohesive Brand Experience

If you feel like your brand is not coming together, maybe you haven't got the money to invest in a brand designer, start here. What I mean by brand experience is the visuals: fonts and colors.

When you're choosing these make sure to have a primary and secondary font and a handful of complimentary colors. Then input these into Canva, you can have a branding kit if you have the pro plan. Then stick to these with all of your social graphics, website, and marketing material, make sure it's consistent and cohesive.

2. Brand Pillars

Brand pillars are how you connect with your audience on a personal level. They are things that resonate with you and your ideal clients.

For example one of my brand pillars is freedom and adventure. I know it's important to me that when I run my business I can pause when I want to, I can take a run or go on vacation when I want to, and have that freedom and adventure. And I want to help my clients have this in their business too.

Write 3-5 pillars of your brand, then under each pillar write 10 things that you love to talk about and now you've got a whole library of content ideas, things you can share that will help

3. Know Your Ideal Client

Knowing where your ideal client is at right now is important, especially in today's environment. Whether you've never done ideal client work or if you have, revisiting this and getting clear on their pain points and fears will help you understand if you need to shift your content, offer, and pricing in order to serve your clients right now.

4. Clear Offers And Pricing

Go through your current offers and see if they still make sense. This might be reevaluating what they look like so you can serve your ideal client right now. You could create an offer that helps with one of their immediate needs, such as a low ticket or a shorter time frame offer, with the intention of building a relationship with this client so you can nurture a longer relationship.

5. Believing In Your Products And Services Right Now

If you are feeling stuck with how to sell and finding it hard to feel good about showing up, I just want to let you know that having the confidence in your services and offerings is important. This is an opportunity for you to look at your services and products and understand why you don't feel confident in them, why you don't believe in them, and ask yourself why and rewrite that story.

I want to reassure you that there are so many people out there who need you right now, that doesn't have the skill you have and need your help. There's so much opportunity right now to continue building your business.


A lot of what is shared here can be found inside of my signature branding course - Impactful Brand Academy. I deep dive into each of these topics (and more!) Throughout the 6 modules and guide you to bring out your inner expert so that you can be seen and start selling!

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