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Brand Identity Design | Brittany Bailey Photography

Let me start by noting that Brittany and I really bonded over the fact that we each LOVE cheerleading. Brittany is not just an incredible wedding, lifestyle and portrait photographer but also the coach of the national championship cheerleading program at Lexington Christian Academy. A girl after my own heart.

Her enthusiasm and passion for photography is so powerful and our goal was to really highlight her client experience and the amazing humans that she gets to work with. A lot of Brittanys inspiration came from those golden hour photoshoots with the sun barely keeping its head above the horizon in the beautiful fields of Kentucky - her work speaks exactly to this.

I’ve had the pleasure of cheering Brittany on throughout our time working together and am excited to continue watching her business soar to new heights. All the cheer puns intended. Go Team!

You can see her live site here:


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