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Brand Identity Design | Cassie David Fit

Cassie is an incredible health and lifestyle coach that helps women shed fat, ditch all the rules around food and become confident in their body.

When Cassie originally came to me, she basically didn’t have much of a brand identity at all. But what she was crystal clear on was her mission and her purpose - and you all know how much I love a woman with a purpose! We got right to work, Cassie trusted my creativity and was quick to give feedback and we had this full brand identity done in less than two weeks.

Cassie wanted a modern and mindful design aesthetic and pulled inspiration from the meaning behind the lotus flower - rising up above the muddy waters into a beautiful, flourishing being. She fully expresses this in her energy and her work!

Follow her over on instagram, she is always sharing recipes, fit tips and daily workouts that make me one to get my sweat on ASAP --


Are you ready to take your brand to the next level? Needing the support + guidance to create an irresistible brand, create more impact and get more leads? Let's chat!

If you know you are ready to elevate your brand identity and want to hire a professional to take care of it - take a look at my branding services HERE.

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