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Brand Identity Design | LM Weddings

Maju and Leanne came to me with a vision that was palpable. Having been in business for almost 12 years (amazing!) they knew what it felt like to work with the dreamiest of clients and at the core of the work that we did together, the goal was to bring in more of them.

The best part about working with them is that they were the epitome of my dreamiest client. Having been in business, clear on what they wanted and how they wanted to work with clients - their main problem was that the visuals of their brand (logo, colors, website, imagery etc.) were all stuck at the starting line. Ahem… 12 years ago! You can imagine the kind of re-fresh that these ladies needed!

Together, we worked on their copy and messagings, majorly elevated their brand identity, built a brand new website from scratch and refined their internal and external processes so that they could better function as a team and provide the best client experience possible.

Maju and Leanne were incredible to work with and I have loved watch their business continue to flourish and grow since having implemented after our time working together.

You can see their live site here:


Are you ready to take your brand to the next level? Needing the support + guidance to create an irresistible brand, create more impact and get more leads? Let's chat!

If you know you are ready to elevate your brand identity and want to hire a professional to take care of it - take a look at my branding services HERE.

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