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Ditched a Black Friday Deal & Gained So Much More

Why I didn’t do a Black Friday deal? To be honest...I didn’t really feel like doing one!

I launched Impactful Brand Academy in October and it was a big success for me. I have a full plate of private client work and I considered a launch for Black Friday - I even had a plan - but a week before Black Friday I realized I wasn’t feeling it. I wanted to be present during this holiday week and knew I couldn’t be if I had a launch.

Saying “no” to this launch was the best thing I could do for myself. I checked out of all the emails, calls, and work which is historically difficult for me. It was such a gift to my family and friends but it also allowed me to get quiet enough to trust the systems that I have in my business.

I have had an affirmation for the past few months, “when I do less, I make more.” That’s hard for me to honor, but I was able to let that percolate and soak in. I’ve checked in on the numbers and I still profited over the past week, even with me pulling back.

I got quiet, I got present, and it allowed me to notice that I do lose patience with my husband, my daughter, and myself when I am constantly plugged in to technology, to my business, to my deadlines, and to my to-do lists. It’s an interesting awareness to have because if I find myself with a short fuse and I continue to go, go, go then I’m not quiet enough to realize that I need to slow down and unplug. Even just a day can go so far, and I do not give myself that grace enough...Everyone benefits from me taking that pause to fill up, take time for me, and turn off and surrender to the process.

One thing that came up for me was when we build automated systems, funnels, passive income, or a full client stack that these are created so that we CAN take a day, take off for the holidays, or take time off with our families. These systems are created for our recalibration so that we have more energy and inspiration for our business.

Without this break I would have gone into 2021 completely discombobulated. I feel so far from that feeling because of my pause. I’m clear on what I want to start launching this next year, I’m beginning to digest what did and didn’t work this year, and I’m taking all the best parts of this year and bringing them into the next year.

For the rest of this year, I am on cruise control. I’m booked out through January with private clients so I plan on loving on them and getting them prepared for the new year. I’m working on existing programs, and I’m not planning on creating anything new.

My hope in sharing all of this is that it gives you permission to do the same! It’s okay to take a break and get ready for the next year.

It’s also okay to make a plan to get that one more client, launch that one last program, or open up enrollment for your group program! I’m here to support you either way and I want you to know that whatever you are doing with your business should be lighting you up and exciting you! When you are fully into it, that is where your best work comes from!


Go take on the rest of this year!

Go relax the rest of this year!

Go be present the rest of this year!

Let's move into 2021 feeling incredible, rejuvenated, and ready to make 2021 the best year for your business!


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