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Facebook Group or No Facebook Group

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

If you are running a digital business, you have most likely tried or thought about having a Facebook group.

I had a free FB group at one time, but shut it down because I wasn’t consistently engaging in the group and it did not fit my vision - it just wasn’t for me!

I now have a FB group for my Brand Identity Breakthrough clients and I LOVE this group! I love seeing what they are up to, answering questions, giving feedback and connecting with my clients!

A lot of people have FB groups - there are a million out there! I love these groups. I’ve hired people through these groups, I’ve learned through these groups, and I’ve had fun in these groups...They also can be exhausting! Many of the big FB groups our there have a whole admin team on the back end.

I started a FB group when I first started my business and I never kept up with it like I meant to. I mostly just used the group to pitch and share new offers - and then I realized, no one likes that! These communities cannot only be used for selling. It is a perk, but it should not be the sole focus of your group.

At the beginning of 2020, I decided to close down my original group. This wasn’t a group that was attached to an offer or program, it was just a free FB group and it was not for me. I did not do well with the open format with no clear intention.

Now I have this new group for Brand Identity Breakthrough and my group has a purpose. It’s for people to give and receive feedback, ask questions, and connect with others. I love this group because I love connecting with them, seeing what they are creating, answering questions- really, I just love all the things! It is flourishing because I am actively and consistently interacting with them. This group aligns with me and my vision, and that is why it is successful.

The golden questions for you to ask yourself are - Do you have a purpose for your group? And are you able to show up in the group consistently?

It comes down to your intention, your goals for the people in your group, and your bandwidth. A lot of people outsource this - they have an admin team or a VA checking in and these are great options if you cannot show up as consistently as needed.

It can be super helpful, like me, to test out a group. Do you like connecting with a general group or a more specific group? The biggest takeaway is to see what works best for you, your vision, and your ability and run with it!


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