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Five Ways To Attract Paying Clients | Branded Podcast Episode #11

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Are you struggling to find clients? I’m sharing the top five ways on how to attract your ideal clients, those kind of clients that don’t require an hour long sales call to know that you’re the real deal. The kind of clients who bring you so much joy and equally, can’t wait to dive in to working with you.

Below are a few ways that you can start taking action in your business ASAP and be on your way to becoming a dream client magnet.


The number one way to stop yourself from taking action is your own belief and your own thought process. Limiting beliefs can take you out of the game faster than anything else. If you don’t believe in what you have to offer, how and WHY would anyone else? You have got to believe in yourself, greater and harder than your belief that you aren’t going to make it.

Say YES to yourself first.

Continuing to upgrade your perspective and mindset is key to rooting your belief deeper in to your subconscious.

In the episode I share a personal story about my own struggles with self-worth around the value that I bring to my clients and audience. It took me time, but I was able to work through it so that I can confidently share, price and create offerings knowing that I am being of massive service.

Here are ways to shift the energy, level up and root in to your belief:

  • Hire a coach

  • Surround yourself with others who are rising as well

  • Listen to podcasts

  • Meditate

  • Move the energy: yoga, run, bike ride, walk in nature, scream

  • journal/write/create


Who do you serve and how do you serve them? These are the most important questions you can ask yourself. Without these two things, you tend to just create service and offerings out of pure inspiration. When you know who you’re serving, understanding how you serve becomes a lot easier. This allows you to create offers in RESPONSE to their pain points and problems (wants + needs) instead of creating things out of inspiration.

When you create things out of inspiration, it’s almost like you are creating a problem that you think might exist and also the solution it. Double work and no guarantee it’s even needed.

Knowing your niche allows you to communicate effectively and this is what starts to build trust.

And trust = sales. Woohoo!


We can’t expect clients to find us if we don’t have a strong rich brand. Showing up authentically and with a purpose is more valuable than showing up consistently with scatter-brained content and fluff. Consistency only works when its purposeful.

Keep showing up even when it feels like no one is listening or watching. Even if it feels like you can be doing other things. I’ve felt this way many times, my limiting belief around this has taken me out, more times than the people not being there has taken me out. I’ve done the work and I no longer feel this way! The reason that I know this is so powerful, is because I have people show up, schedule calls with me, and become clients. These are the people I thought weren’t listening. Come out of that limiting belief and continue to show up when it’s hard, share that content, and dial in who you’re serving and how you’re serving them. And then, they show up. When you put out that irresistible offer and a bad ass brand, they buy from you. They see you continuing to show up.

Connect with your audience, even if it is small or you’re just getting started. Talk to anyone about what it is that you do -- this is why your mission/purpose statement is so important and something that I work on with almost ALL of my clients at the very start of our time together. It is what becomes the lense for all that you do and create.

I know some of you dread the question - “WHAT DO YOU DO?” You belittle what you do, you put what you do on the back burner, and say something that sounds a little better and feels a little bit safer. Share what you do with so much confidence, excitement, drive and purpose behind it that they want to know more. You never know how you can impact somebody without showing up and sharing what it is that you do. Be of service and know that what you bring to the table is really powerful and needed.


It is the only thing you own. If social media disappears and you haven’t been getting your audience and followers on to your email list… that isn’t going to be good for business.

Turn them into subscribers and give them something of value in exchange for that.

2 Ways to do it:

  • A freebie/opt-in : giving something of value in exchange for their contact information. THis can be done through your website, a landing page, the link in your IG bio, pinterest profile, etc.

  • Host a training and collect before hand, host a giveaway and collect email as entry in to the giveaway (a free coaching session, a free mini shoot, a free consultation call etc.)


Make your website work for you. Have a clear path on your site and not having dead ends. Always lead someone to another page, contact page, piece of content, or blog post. If you don't lead them somewhere, assume they will leave the site.

A clear Client-Driven message, the reason why knowing WHO you serve is so important. What you say is so important, it is about them, the client. We can have our personality come through in the way we say things, but what we’re actually saying has to be about the client and who you serve. If that’s not dialed in, it doesn’t reach them.

Have your email list builder on there in a place that is clear and they can take action immediately. At the top of your home page and get that freebie and on your list without having to scroll down on your website. That is a huge driver for building your e-mail list faster.

These are the best ways for you to connect with your audience and attract clients who are of value to you, by you being of value to them. This all roots back to you knowing who you serve and how you serve them and the value you bring to the table.


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