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How To Plan For The New Year

When it comes to creating a vision for your future, whether that is for an upcoming year or a new month, or any time throughout the year when you're feeling stuck, stagnant, lack of clarity or unclear on what you are doing, it’s always a good idea to plan!

Sometimes I find myself thinking about what the heck am I doing or what am I doing all of this for anyway. And as I've been planning for this year, I've found myself pigeonholing what it is that I can create. I personally get so stuck in this is what I do and these are the things that I do and this is what I've done this past year or the past X amount of years. So this is what I'm going to create next year and it's just going to be an elevated version of this.

Or that's the intention, right? To create new things in the new year based off of what you created that year before. And that's a natural thing that happens when you're planning because that's what we know. We know what we've done in the months before and we know what we've done in the past year.

We can do whatever we want to do and create what we want to create, but we are only one being with so many hours of the day. And I hear the analogy all the time about Beyonce has the same amount of hours in a day as you do and I always come back to, well Beyonce has a vast team. If you think that Beyonce's creating everything alone, that’s not happening. Even if you want to place yourself in that position of somebody like her who's creating a massive empire, go there! Go there mentally, allow yourself to take the walls down and realize, step into this space of, you're not going to do all of that alone.

It's going to happen by you thinking outside the box of what kind of experience do I want to have? What do I feel that's flowing through me and what kind of experience do I want to bring to my clients? How can I do better for them? When it comes to reflecting on what you've done this year, take a look at the experience that you did bring to your clients and were there things that they wanted from you?

So when you take a step back and you think about what you brought to your clients this past year, are there things that you could have brought to the table that you didn't have the capacity to do right. These things don't happen immediately in January. Maybe they do, but maybe they don't. And that's the whole point of this expansive planning. It's allowing your mind to be expansive beyond what you already know has been working.

Reverse Engineer Your Future

The first thing that I like to do when I'm starting to plan is to think about what my next year will be like. What do I want to be happening and how do I want to be feeling at that point?

This means writing down:

  • How much money you are making this year?

  • What's home life like, what's your time commitment?

  • How many clients have you booked, how many clients have you worked with?

  • What does all of that feel like in December of 2020, majorly elevated from what you feel like right now?

  • What does today feel like?

And what does the elevated version of that feel like? It's a lot easier for you to put yourself in that position. How are you feeling right now, given everything that's gone on for the last 12 months, and then think about exactly how you want to feel. That's elevated from how you feel at this very moment right now.

Then reverse engineer the year and think about what you want to be doing, what services you want to add, how your clients feel, how you do marketing, any price changes. Write all of that down and then reverse engineer.

For example, what's my pricing look like right now. Well if I'm going to add in X, Y, Z to my client experience, then there's the foundation for me elevating my pricing. You can even go back to one of the pricing modules of Impactful Brand Academy, and you can write it out there.

Planning each action

This is how you make the next year what you want it to be with foundation, and in a way that elevates your business. You get to the next level. You don't just hope you do by saying. For example, if you want to reach $5,000 a month in your business, to just say those things and then not take action on them, is doing a massive disservice to your planning process.

And so if you're carving out the day today or this week, fully commit to what action has to be taken. Does that mean you need to restructure your services today? Then restructure your services today. What are they going to look like this year? Are you wanting to launch a podcast? What is it that you want to do? And what are the action steps that need to be taken? Go ahead and get a subscription to the podcast host, right?

Don't go into this next year wishing and hoping that you reached that six figures or you reach those $5,000 months. Allow yourself to have that expansive mind, think outside of your day-to-day. Do a brain dump, get it all out onto paper, all the things you want to be doing, growing your team, how much money you want to make if you're wanting to upcharge, if you're wanting to add new services, and if you're wanting to get rid of things.

Get clear on what feels good to you

When you're working from a place of joy, abundance, and flow, that's when you start to make more money. And that flow can happen by just simply giving a task that drives you crazy to somebody else. That's a whole piece of this expansive planning is to get clear on what feels good. What was exhausting, what was tiring, what do you not want to be doing anymore? And then from there you literally look at what do I want next December to feel like, what do I want to feel like on this day, next year, elevated from how I feel today.

Start to create that vision now and then map out what the year is going to look like. And for me, I typically work in quarters. I look at my year as a whole and I look at every month and I break it up into four quarters. I then plan what I’m doing in each quarter. I'm going to have this program start here, we're going to be doing this here. What marketing efforts need to happen there. This is the free content I want to be giving my audience via the Facebook group, podcast, blog, and Pinterest, what that looks like. So it's just one thing will lead to another and take a little action on each thing along the way as you're doing this planning process.

The key part of all of this is that it’s expansiveness. It's stepping out of what we know, what our normal day to day is, and removing ourselves from that, really looking at the business as a whole and saying what do I want this all to look like!


You can create anything you can think of. So go there, allow yourself and give yourself permission to go there, it may be hard to do that on your own and it may mean you want to connect with somebody else. Schedule a 20-minute Strategy Session so we can chat about what your business currently looks like now, what has shifted + how to create your expansive plan.

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