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How to Price Your Services as a Creative

I often find in the early stages of building your business is this idea of needing to discount or needing to over deliver or needing to do things at a much lower price.

The part about that no one talks about is the fact that those clients are also not fully invested at the level that you are because you didn't fully charge for it.

In this case, money often equals output.

And it's this catch 22 because I understand the want to get clients under your belt and just start to make money in whatever way that you can. You’re hungry for it.

I understand that and I feel that, and I've totally been there.

And what I have seen the most success with, is being able to fully create an authoritative position of who you are in your role and the fact that you do deliver results and that you show up with your best foot forward.

And that's why you charge what you charge. That's why you don't discount.

That's why you don't get on a sales call and completely blank out and undermine your pricing structure.

There's one thing about being a little bit unclear on your pricing and/or not having the foundation in what you're pricing. Maybe you’ve just decided on some arbitrary number to charge people, but ideally you want to have a system to what you're charging based upon your entire business and your full suite of offerings.

How to price your different services

You want to look at your business as a whole when you're creating your pricing. And what this does is give you confidence when you do get on a sales call with somebody, or if you're chatting with somebody on Instagram, you don't go into that space of, “Oh shit, I need a client. I need money. I'm just going to charge them $300 a month.”

I'm sure some of you listening here have done little brand identities for free, and in your mind ends up being this little thing, but it actually takes up your time and your time is money and here's the kicker with all of this is that your clients, they don't fully invest in it when you don't charge them what it's worth.

You're not going to charge the same price for a DIY option that you're going to charge for a done for you service. So you want to look at your pricing as a whole and make sure if somebody were to look at your entire suite of services, it's clear why something is priced the way that it is. So that when somebody goes into buying something energetically you know that it's worth X amount of money because of your hourly rate or whatever the metric is that you decide to go off of.

Being an energetic match to your pricing

When somebody purchases at full price, what you charge, what you energetically took the time to create that pricing for, you know that that's the worth in that, and you would feel no resentment at charging that amount of money. And there's a reason why you're charging that amount of money when somebody sees that value. And picks up on that energy and says, hell yeah, like I'm going to pay full price for this.

You get to declare what it is that you want to charge, what whatever pricing would feel really good for you. If you don't get the chance to do that, then there's a disconnect there. Let's be clear and honest here, who wants to wake up and do work for free now? No one.

And so there's no doubt that you got that sales call and then you massively discounted them and now you have to show up and do that work. You would rather not be doing that work, not be making that money and have time to welcome in the next person who will gladly pay full price when you are calling in those ideal clients.

Pricing with your ideal clients in mind

And so all of this really comes back to that ideal client work. And I'm not talking like where do they hang out? Where do they shop? What do they do? Like those things matter.

But what matters more is where are these people at right now? Like where are your ideal clients in terms of their life? What are they spending money on? What do they desire to experience? What do they want to have right now? What are they scared of? What's not been working for them?

And getting onto that energetic and emotional level of your ideal client. These are the ones that you get to create services that not only speak to them, but they sell themselves. And your pricing is all in alignment with this.

It will feel so damn good when you start connecting to those dream clients, and you start selling to them effortlessly because they want to work with you. You start booking people out over a course time because they want to be a part of not only your journey, they want your work, they want your time, they want your energy.


I hope this sheds a little bit of light on that dynamic between what you're pricing, what you're charging, not discounting and how that affects the client relationship that you have because that's most important here. It's connecting with the right kind of people and then giving them an amazing client experience. Schedule a 20-minute Strategy Session so we can chat about what your business currently looks like now, how to figure out your pricing and create an amazing client experience.

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