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How To Structure Your Services Using The Ascension Model

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Having intentional services is important for not only you as the business owner, but also for your audience and your ideal clients. I always come back to this idea of ‘a confused mind says no’, and I fully believe that is more relevant than ever in this digital space because not only does a confused mind say “no”, but an overwhelmed mind is going to say “heck no”.

If you are a graphic designer, web designer, photographer, or a coach, there's a lot going on in those industries. There's a lot of designers, photographers and a ton of dang coaches out there, and I'm sure you're aware of this. And so not only do your ideal clients get a confused mind trying to find someone to work with, but they also get a confused mind with your services.

It’s a bad combination to have. But the good news is, you can easily begin to organize your services in a way that reduces overwhelm and invites your ideal client to look around and identify with one of your services that fits where they are at in life and exactly what they need.

The Ascension Model

So, when you start to think about your services, you want it to be simple. One method that I like to look at is borrowed from James Wedmore. It's called the Ascension model. Here’s a diagram of how mine is structured, you might not always fill every level and, and it may fluctuate throughout the course of your year.

Nikki Arensman ascension model

People soak up content from me and build trust through my podcast, Facebook group, and through those other freebies. That's where they get to know me, get to know what I'm all about. And then maybe they join Impactful Brand Academy, so they can build out their own brand. Then maybe they go into the mastermind, as they want next-level support and we'll work together in a much more intimate setting. And then once they're at a space in their business where they're making more money, they're kind of ready to move beyond that DIY branding that they created however many years ago, then they move into my done for you service and they become a client that I ended up doing a full-on brand identity and website redesign.

All of your services work together and it's really clear what each one of them is, what you're going to get out of each one of them and who it's for.

Pricing your services

There's pricing differences as well between your services to eliminate the “oh, well this one's this amount and this one's this amount - which do I choose.” My done for you service is nowhere near the price of the lower price of IBA. So somebody coming to look for a brand identity or to grow their business and have their site built out for them. They wouldn't come to me at that early stage in their business and say, “oh, I just want the done for you”. Because likely they're not going to be ready to invest in that. So IBA becomes a no brainer. I hope that makes sense.

The reason why I shared with you my suite of services is just to give you an inside look on how you want your services to kind of flow together and work together so that when somebody comes to your website when somebody finds you and they land on your website or your Instagram, and say, “Hey, how can I work with you?” You can gauge where they are in their business and you place them in a tier of your ascension model.

The reason why this is so powerful for you is that if you build out your suite of offerings strategically there are price differentiations. It's clear who each one is for at whatever stage in their business they're at.

Redefine your services

Think about your own business and how you want to keep a client moving through your services longer than just a one-off situation. You want to be able to retain their business and retain their money so that you can continue to make an income off of them and grow your business to serve them at the highest capacity.

It's great to map this out and know here's the bottom of your pyramid, the free content, here's how somebody is moving up, how new clients are coming in and how you can keep them around when you’re done working with them on that core service.


I hope this post helped you in creating your services and offerings and sheds a different perspective on what those should look like from a strategy perspective of growing your business. Schedule a 20-minute Strategy Session so we can chat about what your business currently looks like now, how to figure out your pricing and services using the Ascension Model!


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