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My First 10k Month - Behind the Scenes

When my business first started, despite having a small following, I created a strategic 1:1 offer which allowed me to reach my first 10k month.

My first strategic offer was called The Social Media Makeover. I set up a 4 week program where each week I worked with my clients by going through their social media profiles and revamping each part of it. It worked because the offer was clear and there was no confusion about what the client was getting. It’s important in the beginning to create trust by being clear. When things are lax, it can scare away potential clients. By having authority and confidence, you automatically create trust with your clients.

I created my first offer with a sales page, the four week plan was clearly laid out, and there was two weeks of email support after the 4 weeks. Then I hosted a free, live webinar training. I went out there and told everyone about my training. I hustled my butt off. I went into all the big Facebook groups where I shared content, gave feedback, shared value, offered feedback, and I pushed the sign up for my training right up until I went live. I had about 150-160 people sign up for the webinar, 45 people showed up live, and 4 people bought the offer - which brought me to $6,000. I already had a few 1:1 clients that month which brought me to my 10k month, but 6k of that was just from my new 1:1 strategic offer.

Now, I am not the marketing magician who can say this will for sure work for you. However, if you are in the position of, “I need a cash influx, I’m not ready to launch a group program, I want to put something out there but I’m feeling rusty with the 1:1 thing and sales call”. It’s time for you to create a strategic 1:1 offer! An offer that is structured and mapped out then get out there and pitch it. Whether it’s a live training, a video series, a webinar, or just by putting it out there on your social media and website!

What’s most important about putting your strategic offer out there is to see that you did it. It’s so important to show yourself that you can do it. Because when you do it once, you can do it twice and then 100 times! My first 10k month helped me to see that this is a reality I could keep up - and I did! And you can too!


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