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Reaching My Upper Limit & Breaking Through It

I’m gonna share a bit about what’s going on in my world, business, life, family, and what I’ve been bumping up against in that process. I think this will be really helpful for those of you who are experiencing expansion or feeling things shifting and adjusting in your life or business. When that happens, it tends to “rock the boat”. It disrupts the normal flow of energy and routine and it can allow certain emotions and things to show up. A lot of times they are things that we weren’t needing to feel until the boat rocking began.

My family and I have lived in our current home for the past 6 years. For the last 4 years, I have been holding a very clear vision of what I want this home to look and feel like. It’s always been on my mind to renovate and make this home our sacred space. If you were following along in the fall of 2020, we began renovating our master bathroom. We started there because we knew that we were going to renovate the rest of the house and we wanted to have a safe space in the middle of the rest of the home renovation.

Initially, we were trying to do a refinance on our place in order to do the renovation, but once we went through the paperwork and process it just didn’t make sense for us long-term. Instead of being sad and bummed out about it, I continued to hold my vision. We needed to pivot our plan and I was in the process of scaling my business, implementing my funnel, beginning to dabble in Facebook ads - all on my own! Long story short, I’ve scaled my business in a huge way over these past 6-9 months and we’re able to do this renovation with cash! I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me this would happen 4 years or even 1 year ago!

We’ve spent the past 5 months planning the details of this new layout and renovation. We’re taking down some walls, putting in a kitchen island, changing out all of the cabinets, getting all new appliances, and basically changing up everything! I knew we were going to have to prepare for all of it but I didn’t have it all mapped out yet.

Around black Friday 2020, I knew we could get all of our new appliances at such a better deal, even though we didn’t have a start date for the renovation! So I did it. I purchased all of the new appliances, we saved around $4,000, and set the date for them to arrive in 2021. I’ve slowly been ordering everything we need, planning, creating, figuring out all of the details - which I love! Even though the renovation start wasn’t set up, I knew it would happen - I held firm in my vision.

So, everyone’s really busy in South Florida right now because so many people are moving down here. There is zero shortage of building, renovating, and interior design work - it’s booming. We’ve been making sure we have workers lined up to do this work for us and this past week, my husband shared a screenshot with me and let me know that renovation was starting this Monday (4/12)! As I was looking at his text, I had this overwhelming “it’s happening” moment. I felt excited, nervous, and anxious to get started. I don’t feel stressed out about it, which is nice, but I’m also really excited-nervous!

All of the sudden, I felt what I’ve heard people talk about, but I hadn’t really experienced before which is upper limiting. I wasn’t sure, so I went to Google and looked up what the definition of upper limiting is. Basically, it’s when you’re experiencing something good, that you’ve been envisioning, dreaming of, and wanting, and then it starts to happen and you start self-sabotaging. You start retracting the joy and finding all the things that could go wrong. It’s basically your body's internal mechanism of wanting to keep you safe and in your comfort zone...even though you're starting to experience the thing you’ve been dreaming of and desiring for so long.

Maybe on a small level, I’ve experienced this before, but never so crystal clear like this. I’m good at pushing through in business. I’m good at pushing through the hard and stressful - trust me, it’s not always a good thing, but I have a way at being able to do that! However, in this situation, I can’t just close my laptop and walk away after I do the hard thing...literal walls are being taken down in my house! I’m not going to have a kitchen, the wall that’s being taken out has my cable line in it so I have to figure out my WiFi. I mean, I can’t just walk away from this! I have to face this head-on.

When I got that text message, I looked at it and all of the sudden I was like, “I don’t know, maybe we shouldn’t do this. What if I don’t make any more money? What if my business fails?” All of these big feelings flooded in. As I identified them, I could see that I was trying to stay safe, feeling afraid and scared, and having a scarcity mindset by wanting to hold on to my money. I went into this downward spiral of feeling like, “OMG, what are we doing right now?!” And that was an upper limit because I’ve been holding this vision for so long. We’ve been successful and our businesses are bringing in money - there’s so much expansion happening in our lives and in our businesses. There’s so much to celebrate!

And also I’m feeling scared and nervous and like I want to put all my money in a safe and not touch it!

My belief is that money is a form of energy and it likes to have places to go. It wants to be in flow, like water. When I meditate on money and abundance, I always think of it like water. It’s readily available and I can have as much of it as I desire and it can come when I want it to come and I can spend it on the things that make me happy. Right now, this renovation is where we want our money to go. And yet, this big moment and this dream coming true is causing anxiety and nervousness for me.

When I look at it from the outside in, I can see that I’m experiencing an upper limit right now. It’s an opportunity for me to move into a new level of expansion and growth in life and I’m deserving of this. I get to do this. That, for me, is a big deal! To be able to recognize it and move through the fear and lean into abundance, joy, and trust and be in the process.

On top of all of this, I’m growing my team in my business. I’m joining a new agency to take on my paid advertising and my media buying. I’ve started working with a new accounting and bookkeeping and fractional CFO for my business. There has been a lot of things happening that I’ve bever done before - stuff I’ve never paid to have done before. It brings up almost those same exact upper limiting feelings.

I’m choosing to open up my toolbox to see what tools I have to feel these feelings, process them, and reach the other side of them. Because I know on the other side is my vision coming to life!

In order to feel these feelings, I’ve been doing Joe Dispenza’s meditations on feeling the feeling before it exists. I know what the feeling of my vision coming to fruition feels like because I’ve been feeling it in my meditations for literally 2 or 3 years now. I know what it feels like to be cooking in my new kitchen and having family and friends over in this new space that we’re creating. I can literally do that by closing my eyes at this point. I also have my journaling and therapist, where I can get these tough, upper limiting feelings out of my body.

I’m aware of the fact that this is my body's internal mechanism that is trying to keep me safe. And, I have to ask myself, what is the reality? The reality is that our businesses are thriving, I’m going to keep making money, and the flow of money is not going to stop. I’m going through all of these feelings that feel so real and true and writing out what the actual situations are and focusing on the reality of things. I’m continuing to do my abundance practices, my prayers around money and joy and abundance and good health - all the things that keep our family unit thriving.

I’m also leaning into the knowledge that this is going to be a disruption...but what if the disruptions are not stressful and what if it’s actually fun and exciting? What if I can invite in those feelings of bringing the visions to life and what’s it’s going to feel like on the other side of this into the actual process of doing it. What would that look like for me? The first step - I’m taking this day by day. I don’t know how long this process will actually take, and I don't want to put a time stamp on it.

Coral and I are going to have a sleepover at my mom’s house for the first week of renovations so that we can avoid the bulk of the work. I’m going to make it a fun week for us by staying at my mom’s to transition us into this new normal for a little bit. I don’t really know what the next few months entail, but what if we make it a fun adventure instead of being scared, nervous and anxious about everything?! I want to hold onto what it is like to actually go through something like this, recognizing I am reaching an upper limit, and know that on the other side of it is the next level for us as a family.

I’m allowing the excitement to take over instead of the fear and scarcity and keeping things the same. I don’t want that as much as I want to experience this next level! I’m willing to move through what I need to move through to get there.

That’s where life is at right now for us. A lot of new things happening in business - new things implemented in Impactful Brand Academy. There are so many women thriving in that program right now! We’ve been live every day for this past week, and I shared a part of one of those live sessions in my last episode - Episode 32!

I also just opened up an on-demand training that you can check out - How To Build An Audience That Is Ready To Buy! It’s all about how to have your audience ready to make easier buying decisions with you, how to make sure that they don’t get decision fatigue, and to make sure that you are implementing my triple R system into your content strategy and the way that you are showing up online!


Learn how to have your audience ready to make easier buying decisions with you, how to make sure that they don’t get decision fatigue, and to make sure that you are implementing my ‘Triple R’ system into your content strategy and the way that you are showing up online!


Share it and save it to Pinterest so you can come back to it later!

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