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The Waitlist Is Open!

One thing people get wrong is confusing what brand strategy even is.

It IS kind of a funny thing, because it's not just one thing.

It’s like a unique concoction of sometimes tough-to-figure-out ingredients that consists of your visuals, brand pillars, your voice and dash of other elements and references that either turn into something incredible that etches a permanent spot in the heart and mind of your dream clients forever.

Or it becomes a bowl of gritty sand soup like my 4 year old tried to get me to eat at the playground yesterday.

The reality is that each part of your brand strategy can only do so much on their own.

But when they all come together in one place, everything else you do becomes insanely easier.

Things like…

  • Writing sales pages and service descriptions that aren’t painful to create (or read)

  • Easily write emails that convert (and your audience loves to read)

  • Create consistent social media content without spending HOURS figuring out what to say or what images to use

  • Be building an audience that know, like and trust your brand.

  • Create offers that your clients actually WANT TO BUY

And the best part -- when you have the RIGHT brand strategy and it's all in one digital guide, you can refer back to it with every new offer, new sales page, new launch, new email, new team member… the list goes on and on.

That’s exactly what you get with Brand Strategy Blueprint, launching October 9th.

This is your shortcut to getting all of these brand strategy pieces into one on-brand guide, without being (or hiring!) a strategist or designer. And starting today, you can get on the waitlist, so you’ll be the FIRST in line when it opens (pssst. it’ll open early just for you) with exclusive bonuses that only waitlisters have access to.

PLUS when you get on the waitlist TODAY for Brand Strategy Blueprint, you get to take my quiz for FREE and see what parts of your brand strategy that you need to work on first.

While you’re getting on the waitlist and taking the quiz, my team and I are busy putting the finishing touches on Brand Strategy Blueprint so it has EVERYTHING (and I mean everything) you need to have a badass brand strategy that helps you build the successful business you’ve been working so hard for already.

I know you might be thinking “Sounds great, but I don’t want this to be another thing on my plate or something that takes six months to a year to complete.”

I get it. The good news is that this won’t take six months or a year. In fact, you’ll get INSTANT access to the whole Brand Strategy Blueprint so you can start customizing stat. Want to binge it in a DAY or a week? You can.

Get in. Fill it out. Strategy done ☑️

I’ll tell you all about it in the next email. Keep your eyes on your inbox for the subject line “6 Reasons this WON’T work for you”.

Cheering you on,


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