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Why your pricing isn’t for everyone

If somebody tells you your pricing is too high, it doesn't mean your pricing is too high.

What it usually means is that they don't have enough belief in their own journey, product or service. They don't have enough belief in their own thing to see the value in the investment.

And so if you can remove yourself from this situation and understand that it’s not your pricing, it’s their mindset. So when you’re on these sales calls, there are ways to go deeper with them to understand why they don't have that belief and get them to space where they do have that belief and they will have that belief. Then they see the value in the investment.

They might not be an ideal client

Don't feel like just because that person tells you your pricing is too high, you have to get them to a space of understanding why you charge what you charge. You don't owe every single person an explanation to your pricing if you're getting those gut feelings.

There are definitely people that I have nurtured and loved on because I feel the energetic connection and I know that they are an ideal client. I can see that they're an ideal client. They just take a little nudging to get them to a space to understand and see the value in the investment and sometimes it's on my end. Maybe I didn't present it well, I didn't have the right copy on my sales page or I wasn't getting the message across strong enough.

That's why understanding your ideal client and how to connect with them and have your message land on their heart is so important for sales and it's so important for connecting with your ideal client, but everyone's not your ideal client.

Trust when your body tells you something

And if you get that hit from source, God spirit, Universe, higher power, that's what that gut feeling is. When you feel like they aren’t your ideal client, you can almost see the problems arising six weeks from now. You can see all the issues you'd run into with this person just from three seconds of conversation with them.

Honor that, honor your body for saying this isn't a fit. I have learned to trust when my body tells me something. I've learned to trust the signs. I've learned to trust that I'm supported by something outside of myself, that the money, the income, the clients, the experiences, the opportunities, the solutions are all there for me and they're all going to come to me at every given time that I need them.

And I don't have to take on every single client when it doesn't feel like it's a good fit and I don't have to prove myself and explain myself. And when you get to that space of trust, you know how to step away from the sales call and let the person go.

That’s because the universe source, God's spirit starts to give you little tests, such as is she doing the work? Is she in belief? Is she building trust with herself? Is she trusting me that I'm going to deliver?

That the clients are going to be there and the money's going to come, and when you start to fully step into that space, nothing makes you waver. You get to feel that you’re ready for that next level of business, for those dream clients for those hell yes clients, for those $10K months, for sales calls that are really quick, short, easy, that are followed up with contracts signed, payments paid.

And when all of that starts to happen, you start to get into a really nice flow with your business and with confidence in what you do and with sharing it with others. And that's just a really amazing space to be and I want to get every single client of mine to that space, if not beyond.


I hope this post helped you feel more confident in your pricing and reassured that not everyone will be your ideal client, and that's okay. You can schedule a 20-minute Strategy Session so we can chat about what your business currently looks like now, how to figure out your pricing and branding.


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