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Watch the short video to learn how-to get the MOST out of this upcoming training!

Girlfriend, You're in!

STEP 1 : Join The Business Of Branding Facebook Group

*this is where the real connection, support and MAGIC

happens during the video series*

STEP 2 : Once you're in the group, say what's up! As we get closer to the first live video, you will be able to download The Business of Branding Workbook. This will help you make the most out of the video series...

Note: You will have the option to join all 3 Live Video Trainings directly through my facebook business page or through a zoom link. Keep an eye on your inbox for the rest of the details so that you are prepared! 

STEP 3 : Mark You Calendar! The first LIVE Video will take place on

Thursday, November 7th!

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