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Consider These Things When Creating A Lead Magnet / Low-Ticket Offer

Thinking about creating a free lead magnet or low-ticket offer? I’ll share what you should consider when creating a free lead magnet or a low-ticket offer with the intention of it being lead generation for your business.

As you may know, I have a low-ticket, lead-generating product called Brand Identity Breakthrough. I use what’s called an SLO funnel or a self-liquidating offer funnel.

The biggest thing you want to think about when considering a free lead generator or low-ticket offer is the rest of your business. Oftentimes, people just think about something that is needed in their client’s business but not what is needed in their own business.

So, what do you need to ask yourself when starting this process?

1. When people sign up and receive your free lead magnet or buy your low-ticket offer, what are you going to do with those leads? Where are they going once they opt-in or they purchase?

You may be thinking, “These leads would be great for 1:1 work.” If you are building the low-ticket offer as a means for scaling your business, 1:1 wouldn’t necessarily be the answer since you most likely cannot scale 1:1 work.

It’s important to think about a group program or a core course that would be best for the leads you’re bringing in through your lead magnet or low-ticket offer. What do those leads need to be prepped with in order to be ready and excited about your course? Is there a prerequisite that they need? Do they need to have something done before they are ready for that course? Think about the things that they’re going to want to have completed and feel confident in before they are going into your group or core course. Lead magnets and/or low-ticket offers can be a great way for you to tackle objections to your group program or core course.

For example - My core program is Impactful Brand Academy. Every time I’m bringing in leads, I want to make sure that they are prepped for Impactful Brand Academy. Most of the people coming into Impactful Brand Academy already have a brand identity that they are either working on or have completed. Not only that, but they feel confident to make a larger investment into their business when they at least have that one piece done. It gives them the confidence and permission slip to go out there. They’ve likely already started thinking about the business they’re creating if they’re already working on identity.

So, my low-ticket offer is Brand Identity Breakthrough where they are able to complete their brand identity, have a logo, colors, fonts and they’re feeling confident and supported. Once they’re introduced to Impactful Brand Academy on the inside of my business, they’re already thinking about the next steps in their business. They’re already thinking about getting clients and building a website because they’ve already taken this one step forward.

You want to be thinking about the rest of your business as you build your free lead magnet or low-ticket offer. Ask yourself, what do these leads need to be prepped with, what do they need to feel ready in order for my program or next offer to be a heck yes for them.

2. What are their needs? Is there a gap that you can fill with your free lead magnet or low-ticket offer? Is there something that you can offer as a free or low-ticket offer that can solve something that is not already being solved in the industry? That way it will bring them into your world feeling supported and understood.

Leads are only powerful when we have something for them to do, especially when you bring them in for free through a free lead magnet or low-ticket offer. You want to make sure that they experience a full circle transformation. They shouldn’t just get a piece of the pie, but a full win! This requires some surrender on your part. Someone who is given a full win could then go on their way. Or they could feel good and confident and then see your next thing and want to experience that win again! They now trust you and they want to experience that win again by working with you more.

Our leads really are just as powerful as us having more ways for them to work with us. Our email lists are no good if we have nothing to give or sell to them. We want to make sure that we are able to bring our leads along a journey of success, an amazing client experience, and more ways for you to impact their life and business.

These are the things I want you to think about when you are creating a lead magnet. It’s not just about what they need, but it’s also about what you need as a business. What do you need in the rest of your business in order to support these leads on a longer journey? You don’t want to just give them something for free and then have nothing else to do with them after that!

I’d love to know your thoughts on this - let me know what you think here or over on Instagram!


Learn how to get your audience ready to make easier buying decisions with you, how to make sure that they don’t get decision fatigue, and to make sure that you are implementing my ‘Triple R’ system into your content strategy and the way that you are showing up online!


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