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Quick Quiz… do you know these brands?

Just do it.

A big bullseye.

Mouse ears.

You know the EXACT brands I’m talking about, don’t you, {{contact.first_name}}?

The reason you know them -- whether you love them or not -- is because they’ve done their branding homework.

But for some reason, early stage entrepreneurs and solopreneurs like you skip this because they think it’s going to be really expensive, they have to hire an agency, or they’re not ready for it.

But skipping it comes at a price.

Are you struggling to attract your ideal clients?

Does writing copy feel like pulling teeth?

Are you creating all the content but it doesn’t seem to mesh and anytime you put it out, all you hear is crickets?

Are you working SO hard but not seeing any changes to your bank account?

Are you creating AMAZING offers that aren’t selling?

Are you in a crowded, saturated niche with no way to stand out?

Is your business taking FOREVER to grow?

If that sounds like you, then I have good news. It’s probably your brand strategy (and that’s fixable!)...

So how can you do all of this now (when you already have thirty thousand things on your plate) so you can experience success faster and attract your dream clients who want to be a part of EVERYTHING you’re creating?

There’s a way to create your brand strategy so you can avoid the common mistakes that are costing you clients and cash.

Every business has to do this brand strategy work.

The successful ones do it from the beginning.

The ones that struggle with messaging, positioning, finding their clients (or their clients finding them) are the ones that have worked on their branding sporadically.

Brand identity here.

Ideal client there.

Brand core values later on.

Building all the different parts at different times, missing out on the strategy and clarity.

Because it’s happening at all these different times, housed in a million different platforms or folders…

It never quite comes together in your actual business and you continue to struggle.

Your audience is out there and they need EXACTLY what you have but they can’t find you… actually they even don’t know you exist.

That brings me to the most common question I get asked…

How do I build a binge-worthy brand and a community full of my dream clients that want to be part of EVERYTHING I do?

That’s exactly what I’m going to talk about in a few days. Keep an eye on your inbox -- it’ll be called 🎯 What do you and Target have in common??

Do you have a different question than the one above? Reply to this email and tell me what you want me to know!

Talk to you soon,


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