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From Entrepreneur To Social Media Coordinator At Sakara | Branded Podcast Episode #006

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

THE NUDGE. You know what I am talking about, when your body is quite literally pulling you towards something or someone. It can be detrimental to our wellbeing, future, soul, relationships.. (OH EM GEE, EVERYTHING!!) when we don't listen to the nudge and follow it.

Kate listened.

After years building her own health + wellness company, Solful Health, in South Florida, she knew in her gut that she was ready for more.

More experience.

More connection.

More teamwork.

More brand culture.

A year and some months later she is now the Social Media Coordinator (amongst a ton of other roles, you know how small biz goes) for Sakara Life. If you are not familiar with Sakara, it is an AMAZING wellness + lifestyle company heavily rooted in food being medicine.

Kate has such an interesting story going from running her own business to now working alongside other inspiring + amazing women at Sakara in a brand new city.

Give it a listen here or over on iTunes!


If you have been avoiding the nudges and that little voice inside of you is getting louder and louder, its time to take action. Is it an idea that needs to come to life? A new direction for your brand? Another part of your current business needs to be birthed (podcast? product? blog?) - let's chat!

Schedule a 20-minute Strategy Session and we can talk it out, no string attached, and make sure you are listening to the nudges, taking action and creating a brand + life you are in love with!

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